Trampoline and Gymnastics Club

We are a very friendly and welcoming club that encourages members from all levels of experience to join. We compete trampoline and tumbling in Scottish (SSS), British (BUCS) and Irish (ISTO) competitions, amongst others throughout the year. You are able to personalize the club to your benefit and liking, either joining us at competitions and being more serious about training, or you can simply come a few times a month to have a bounce and enjoy the more relaxed side. We hold weekly socials that include everything from potlucks to pub nights.


We are very involved with our alumni! We invite alumni back for competitions and host an alumni weekend every year usually in the spring. In the past, many alumni will join us at the Irish Student Trampoline Open and the Scottish Student Trampoline Open. Alumni are also invited to preseason and midseason events and can come back to train with us and attend socials.

Community Engagement

Each year the club tries to arrange some form of training session or event where we involve the local community or other trampoline clubs. This year we are planning on doing a ‘12-Hour Bounce’. For this we would aim to have a 12-hour long training session, where we always have at least one person bouncing! The session itself would be split into different parts, each of which would be for a different group such as other Scottish trampoline clubs, community groups, etc. Through this we would aim to bring some more attention to our sport while also fundraising for both the club and selected charities.

Charity Fundraising

The club aims to have several fundraising opportunities over the course of the year to raise money for both the club and for charities. This year we’ll aim to hold some traditional events like bake sales, as well as incorporating fundraising into some of our socials and using events like the 12-Hour Bounce to fundraise by charging small entry fees in support of the club or charitable organisations.


The club holds a variety of social events. Every week, a member of the club will host a team social with a special theme, which we highly encourage club members to participate in. We will then play games before heading out for the night together. Social themes usually include a costume competition where a winner is announced by the end of the social. Previously, themes have ranged from “Outer Space” to “Best and Worst Superhero Costume”. In addition to weekly socials, there are also much larger events such as preseason brunches, Christmas dinner, and gatherings at the end of each semester. All members are encouraged to attend social events as a way of getting to know other club members outside of training sessions, but they are not mandatory.